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February 16, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Ok – confession time. I’m not perfect. I may be a professional, but that doesn’t mean I always make the right decision the first time around. Especially on my own house! My mind gets clouded by the same obstacles that everyone faces when renovating – money, time, amount of work, etc. But I guess that’s the point of blogging – to share all the ups and downs. And let me tell you, renovating the half bath has been chock-full of them!

See that round hole & painter’s tape on the wall above the mirror? That’s where a wall-mounted light should go. Around Thanksgiving, Ethan and I were desperately trying to finish this room before our holiday visitors arrived and finding a light was on the short list. So I did a quick internet search and bought this guy. It seemed to work with the faucet and it was cheap. Sold.

{pocelona chrome two light bath fixture via bellacor}

Then it arrived and I wasn’t so sure. It looked cheap and cheesy (go figure). But we installed it anyway. And guess what? I absolutely hated it. Ethan described it as “medicine-cabinet-y.” And that wasn’t doing it for me. This is the only photo I snapped of it, as I was running out the door in search of a better solution.

I headed straight for Circa Lighting (my absolute favorite lighting store!) and found a great fixture – the large cabinet maker’s picture light in a bronze finish. It costs twice (maybe 3 times?) as much as the ugly one, but I got a great deal on some other pieces in the room, so I figured I would just splurge!

{circa lighting cabinet makers picture lights}

The Houston store didn’t have the finish I wanted in stock, so I headed home to take some measurements and “make sure” before I ordered it online. It wouldn’t arrive before the Thanksgiving visitors, so my sense of urgency kind of disappeared.

During my “make sure” measurements, I realized the backplate on this light was rectangular, and the mounting plate we had on the wall was round (and much larger than the light backplate). If I wanted to install this cabinet maker’s light, I needed to find a new mounting bracket. Ethan and I were more than capable of pulling it off, but I just didn’t want to deal with it! I did a little searching for another light, but was never really happy with anything I found. So I decided to be indecisive and sit on my hands until the perfect solution magically appeared.

Yesterday was my lucky day! The Rejuvenation catalog showed up in my mailbox, and while I’d never heard of the company (you’d be amazed by the number of mailing lists I’m on), I thumbed through their catalog and found this beauty.

{turner light via rejuvenation}

You know the best part? The backplate is round and the perfect measurements for my already-installed  mounting bracket. I’m not sure if that’s lazy, resourceful, or purely a stroke of luck. Whatever it is, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this fixture solves my bathroom lighting dilemma.

Want a quick piece of advice about bathroom lighting? Stay away from the ones designated “bathroom lights.” You can get a much more sophisticated look by using a decorative wall sconce or even a picture light (like the Circa lighting one). I knew this, but for some reason, defaulted to the chintzy bathroom light anyway. Why can’t I listen to my own advice??

Oh well. The Rejuvenation light is on its way, along with this gorgeous mirror that I’m beyond excited about! Stay tuned for install photos!

November 6, 2011

Weekend Bathroom Projects – Instagram Style

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Big news – our half bath is FINALLY up and running! It’s not completely done, but installing the toilet and sink make it feel pretty darn close. This one has been a long time coming!

Our last big project in the half bath was the trim. I didn’t really blog about that process, mainly because installation almost killed us (and revisiting it did not sound like fun). New base boards + quarter round and crown moulding shouldn’t have been that hard in a 3′ x 6′ room, but woodworking is no walk in the park. And now we know for the next room we decide to tackle.

This weekend’s projects included some touch-up painting, along with plumbing and electrical. We (aka Ethan) leaned heavily on our go-to DIY resource book – The Reader’s Digest New Do-It-Yourself Manual. And by “new,” they mean “published in 1991.”

He did some serious online research, consulted a plumbing guy at Lowe’s and made a couple of phone calls to his dad for reassurance. Abby helped too.

It took two full days of work and (only) four trips to Lowes, but we’re back in business! Installing the pedestal sink isn’t exactly a “starter” plumbing project, and I’m super proud of the hubs for making it happen (seriously, all I did was follow his directions and provide an extra set of hands). I’ll take nicer photos one day, but iPhone photos will have to suffice for this evening.

I’m super excited. And really inspired to finish out the small details on this room so we can get started on the next one! :)

May 11, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Work on the half bathroom continues, and just in the past week, we’ve had our fair share of ups & downs. I know this is just the way DIY goes, but after the ceiling on the floor incident of last week, it just seems like nothing is going according to plan. Are you ready for this? It’s been a bumpy ride.

Let’s start on a high point. Last Saturday we started tiling the half bath floor…

…but my tile calculations were slightly off.  I thought the sheets were 12×12. They were, in fact, 11 1/2 x 11 1/2. So we came up two sheets short.

{the extent of Saturday’s progress}

Not a problem if I’d picked them up at some big box home improvement store. But of course, I fell in love with Arizona Tile’s Manhattan Basketweave mosaics (in the honed finish, with Titanium grout…just in case you’re wondering). Of course it’s a special order product. I called Monday to see if they maybe, just maybe, had two sheets lying around their Houston warehouse. No such luck. Those beauties will arrive from California next Monday. So until then, we wait.

{Arizona Tile’s Manhattan Basketweave mosaics}

On the upside, I now have an extra week to deliberate over shades of grey paint.

{decisions, decisions}

And an added bonus – while taking the last picture, I finally figured out how to set the white balance on our camera! It’s the small things.

Another high point – yesterday I came home from work to a nice surprise. The mini-chandelier I ordered for the bathroom was sitting at our front door!


I think Ethan’s slightly put-out that the fanciest room in the house will be the tiniest one, and moreover, that it’s a bathroom. BUT he loves me enough to just go with it (thank goodness). That, however, doesn’t mean that he will ever stop making fun of the fancy toilet room. I’m pretty sure I can endure the teasing.

But I digress. Back to that bumpy ride…

Since we’d ripped down wallpaper in the half bath, we needed to have the walls textured before painting. And I don’t do drywall (know your limitations – it will save you time & money!) The crew was scheduled to start work this morning, so last night I went in to clean up my mess of paint samples. When I was collecting them from the floor, I noticed they were slightly damp….then that the floor was even damper. Not good.

The curb stop for the toilet had been dripping since we removed the toilet a couple of weeks ago. But instead of replacing it, we just attached a plastic bag to collect the water. It seemed like a genius idea at the time. In hindsight, it seems slightly lazy. Either way, the plastic bag method wasn’t exactly fool-proof and there was water all over the slab. So the tiles got wet. And since they’re white marble (which is super porous, not recommended in wet applications like showers, and needs to be sealed), some of the tiles started to discolor & turn yellow.

I think that was the worst part. But we also had a tricky situation on our hands. Since many of the tiles were already cut, they needed to go back in the exact same spot on the bathroom floor. So I spent about an hour numbering, drying & carefully moving each sheet of tile from the half bath to our living room & kitchen. It’s basically one giant jigsaw puzzle…

…to which I have a map. Let’s just see if they go back in the same way they came out!

Some of the tiles look a little less yellow this morning. So maybe the water will just seep out & there will be no permanent damage? Doubtful, but a girl can dream…

And since I’m a super optimistic person, let’s end on a high note too. The drywall crew just left after a FULL day of work and things look great! We had a slew of sheetrock-related projects for them to tackle, but you’ll just have to wait for my next post to find out what they are! :)

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