House Tour

Welcome to our project house! Ethan and I bought this place in June 2010 – a bank-owned foreclosure built in 1984 (ironically, the same year we were both born). It was in desperate need of some TLC and we were up for the challenge. Now we spend all our free time bringing this place into the 21st century.

When we bought the house, it had been empty for nearly a year. To say it was neglected is probably an understatement. All the plants were completely overgrown and from the inside, it felt like a jungle. So our first project (in the heat of June) was cutting back all the bushes. Since then, we’ve also replaced the roof (thanks to a nasty hail storm), powerwashed brick and upgraded the exterior lighting. It still needs some new siding, a couple coats of paint and some landscaping, but at least the outside is presentable these days!

On moving day, all the paint colors and the paneling made our house feel dark & dated. My goal was to make it light, bright and airy. All we’ve really done is paint in here, but it’s definitely moving in the right direction!

More dark paint colors in here. So far we’ve floated over textured wainscot to make it appear more architectural (like a wood wainscot) and painted the ceiling. Our plans in here include stripping down the painted-over wallpaper, replacing the light fixture and painting all the trim. It could use some art and accessories too.

We haven’t done anything in here except purchase furniture, but we’re planning a major facelift. We’ll definitely paint all the wood & possibly replace the floors. Just imagine…light & bright walls with dark wood floors. I can’t wait.

One day the wood will go in here as well. We want to paint the cabinets and wood wainscot, replace the laminate countertops & backsplash, and upgrade all the appliances. The ceiling fan will probably go as well.

We gutted this whole room…pretty much took it to studs and slab. We’re almost done putting it back together and I LOVE the new space! You can read about our progress here, herehere and here.


This room has been tough because we walk through it every single day – that door goes to the backyard & our garage/driveway. So far, we’ve given the walls and trim a fresh coat of paint, but we still need to paint the cabinets and doors. And I really want to install a counter above washer and dryer. Not only will it help with the whole laundry process, but it can become our dumping ground for bags, etc. at the backdoor instead of our kitchen table.

We’ve already done quite a bit of work in this room (read all about in this post), but it’s still in need of some decorating. You know…a headboard, matching lamps and nightstands, draperies that actually go with the room, a dresser (or two), artwork…the works. Oh, and the carpet still needs to be replaced. But we’ll do that when ALL the painting is done (we’re aiming for June 2012 – check out the countdown here).

We haven’t done a thing in here, so I’m not even bothering with a “progress” shot. One day soon we’re planning to gut the whole thing & start over (seriously). The sink cabinets will stay, but that’s about it. I can stand that 1980’s cultured marble and there’s a ton of it!

When we moved in, this was Longhorn country (note the two different shades of burnt orange). Since then, we’ve done a bunch of painting (the walls are Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) and installed wood blinds. Maybe one day we’ll work on some furniture. I can see this being a great TV/playroom when we have kids. But until then…it will be the dumping ground for everything we don’t know what to do with.

This room was pretty much a blank canvas (with about 10,000 pin holes in the wall – I think it used to be a teenager’s bedroom). So we did lots of painting and put up the wood blinds. Now it’s sporting Ethan’s batchelor pad bedding and could really use some creativity. But for now, we’re just happy our guests have a bed to sleep on!

This is another bathroom that needs a major facelift. I’m seeing this as a kids’ bathroom that will have to endure lots of water & mess, so there will probably be quite a bit of tile – floor and walls. It’s pretty far down on the to-do list, so don’t expect to see changes in here anytime soon.

For the first few months in the house, this was affectionately known as “The Blue Room.” And blue it was – painter’s tape blue, to be precise. (When we put blue painter’s tape on the wall, it literally disappeared.) We’ve done a ton of painting in here (and obviously, we’re not quite done). The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt and the trim is BM Super White.

Ethan and I hadn’t determined the use of each room when we moved in, so we just called them all by their paint colors. First “The Blue Room,” and now “The Pink Room.” This color was quickly deemed “Pepto Pink.” Now it’s a nice shade of blue/green/grey – Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. We still need to paint trim, doors, etc. And come up with a better furniture arrangement. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure this will be our office forever.

Since Abby is still a rather entergetic puppy, we’re leaving the backyard alone for the time being. We did manage to tame some of the overgrown plants & commandeer a section of the yard for our vegetable garden (read about it here and here).

The whole place is constantly changing, so check back often for more “progress” pictures. Maybe even an “after” picture or two!


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