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November 1, 2012

Baby Boy’s Airplane Nursery

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

First day of maternity leave and no baby.  He’s not due for a few more days, but Ethan and I fully expected him to be here by now, so our big to-do lists are pretty much wrapped up. And that includes finishing the nursery. While it’s not 100% finished, I’m pretty happy with where we stand – all the essentials (and then some) have been taken care of – we’re just lacking some artwork and other finishing touches. Since I suddenly have all this time on my hands without the stress and busyness of work, I figured I’d snap some photos to share!

When we found out “baby” was a boy (we’ve yet to decide on a name but we’re down to a few solid options!), we decided this airplane art was a must. Then I hunted down the Land of Nod bedding on Ebay for a steal. I wanted something “boy” without being overly theme-y and the plaid is just perfect. Everything else pretty much fell together from there. The rocking chair was Ethan’s when he was a kid. Isn’t it too cute? :)

I wanted a nice wood dresser that could be used in a non-nursery room down the road, and found this guy on craigslist for just $100. It was in pretty rough shape when we picked it up, but thankfully my carpet vendor told me about Howard’s Restor A Finish and it worked like a charm! I wish I’d taken before and after photos, but third trimester exhaustion got the best of me. Basically, you rub down the wood with the stain and some super fine steel wool. After it’s dry, you buff the piece with Howard’s protective wax and it’s good as new! I think the whole project only took Ethan and his dad around 3 or 4 hours.

Can you tell I’m still experimenting with artwork over the dresser? The green and white pattern in that frame is a fabric sample…one of the patterns I was considering for draperies before I had a complete pregnant-lady meltdown one Saturday and decided I just HAD to get treatments on the window that very day. (As in, I could not have this baby unless the window was covered, end of story.) It’s a good thing High Fashion Home had linen panels in the right color blue. And they were much cheaper than custom draperies anyway!

My sweet friend Hannah got this wood airplane mobile for us and it’s just perfect for above the changing pad! Hopefully this kid will be sufficiently distracted during diaper changes. :) And for all those concerned, it’s really well anchored into the ceiling. Not going anywhere.

My big splurge for the room was the glider and ottoman. I really loved this one from Pottery Barn and this one from Crate and Barrel (along with a few more expensive ones), but just couldn’t bring myself to drop that kind of cash. So I was ecstatic when I found this set at a local baby store for much less. And the neutral linen is perfect for wherever it ends up down the road – I’m thinking a reading corner in our bedroom, one day when we’re past the baby stage. I still need to figure out a skirt/cover for that cardboard base table next to the chair, but I’m just not in a sewing mood…so it will just have to wait.

And I love the little reading wall we made between the two closet doors. I picked up the baskets at Home Goods a loooong time ago, and they’re just been waiting for a home. After getting a TON of books at one of our showers (such a fun idea!) and some inspiration from this blog post, it just came together. Obviously I still need some artwork above the baskets. Just waiting for inspiration to strike…


Wall Color: Benjamin Moore, November Rain | Crib: Carter’s (via Sears) | Bedding: Land of Nod, Clothes Make the Crib (no longer available) | Airplane Panels: Pottery Barn | Glider and Ottoman: Baby’s 1st Furniture | Dresser: craigslist | Airplane Mobile: Etsy (gift) | Draperies: High Fashion Home

August 10, 2012

Just Landed

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Check out the artwork that arrived yesterday for baby boy’s airplane room!

{planked airplane panels from Pottery Barn}

I was so excited that I ran upstairs to grab the crib bedding (yes, ran…Ethan told me to slow down…he was afraid I’d fall down the stairs…I’m not so solid on my feet these days!)

{Land of Nod “Clothes Make the Crib” – but got it for a steal on Ebay!}

There’s only one problem – now I’m not loving the wall color in the nursery. It’s a great neutral…just a little too cool. But until our glider comes in (4 to 6 more weeks!), I don’t want to make any major decisions.

{this style…in an oatmeal linen fabric}

Plus I’m tired of painting! Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos…that’s as much energy as I can muster these days! :)

January 3, 2012

Functional Art for 2012

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Well, I knew this day was coming – my first day back at work after a long break. I had the luxury of two full weeks of vacation and it was nice…really nice. Lots of relaxing, time with family, and plenty of work around the house, which I’m super excited to share with you guys in the coming weeks!

Although I’m dreading the massive amounts of email I’ll be catching up on today, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. And I have a fun new piece of art to brighten up my home office – my 2012 wall calendar!

Have you ever been to Paper Source? I’ve always loved the stuff on their website, but they just opened a store in my part of town and now I’m obsessed. This wall calendar caught my eye when I was doing my Christmas shopping, and Santa was nice enough to bring it to me. :)

I’m seriously considering framing it because the illustrations are just so beautiful. Each month really is a piece of art.

And bonus – they give you templates to reuse the pages as file folders, gift tags, notecards, boxes. Pretty much anything you can imagine. So each illustration has a second life after the month is over.

Looking forward to a fun-filled 2012!

December 3, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Table

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I know we’re all moving on to Christmas (there’s a tree in my living room and we’re attending our first Christmas party tonight!), but since Thanksgiving was barely a week ago, I think it’s okay to revisit our festivities, don’t you?

This year was full of firsts. Ethan and I hosted, which was definitely a new experience compared to showing up at mom and dad’s place, but we really enjoyed it! We just loved having a house full of people (and confirmed that we need more/better seating in our living room). Ethan was obsessed with menu-planning, but my mission was to do something nice with the table/dining room. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I rummaged through moving boxes of china (yes, we’re still in boxes over here) and grabbed a few extra items to make it a little more “festive.” Nothing too over the top, but I was pretty happy with my $30ish table.

Since there were 7 of us (Ethan, myself, both sets of parents, and my brother Ryan) we had to break out the second leaf for our table, which has never ever been used.  And I think this was the debut meal for our nice china as well – exciting stuff!

I’m not big on holiday decorating, but wanted something fall-esque for the occasion. After doing a little pinning on Thanksgiving tables and running across this spread in a local magazine, I decided burlap was a must. It was just a few bucks a yard at a local fabric store and I kept it folded in half to serve as a runner. I figured I might use it to cover the entire table at a later date, so I didn’t do any trimming to my 3 yard length. (And don’t you just love my short white table cloth? My oddly sized 42″ wide table is a little difficult to dress!) I also grabbed a couple of “pie pumpkins” at the grocery store for a few dollars a piece.

A couple years ago, I inherited some china from my grandmother when she was downsizing. It was an odd mix of patterns and quantities, but I love the idea that I can mix and match as needed. One little treasure was a handful (7 to be exact) of beaded glass dessert plates. I’d completely forgotten what they looked like until I pulled them out of the boxes, but I just love the texture they add.

On the same day that I “re-discovered” these, I was in town and popped into The Guild Shop to take a quick look around (you never know what you’ll find in that place!) I rarely walk through the china section, but for some reason I made a quick pass through and was stunned when I saw a stack of the exact same beaded glass plates! They were selling the set of 5 for a whopping $6 – SOLD! And while standing in line, I saw Martha Stewart (yes, THE Martha Stewart) doing a little thrifting of her own. Kind of a strangely eventful day!

For our centerpiece, I thought the “wildflowers” (I got them from HEB, but they look a little wild and unruly) and whole nuts were kind of fun. I’m not sure who thought of the nut idea – me or Ethan – but they were a nice touch. And in case you’re wondering, there’s a glass inside the vase full of water for the flowers. The nuts are just a thin layer between the glass and the vase.

So there’s our Thanksgiving table and my eventful trip to The Guild Shop. Of course my first celebrity siting isn’t anyone super cool – it’s Martha Stewart. Then again, I don’t do super cool things like hang out in popular bars/clubs/restaurants. I spend my free time thrifting in River Oaks. Guess Martha was right up my alley! :)
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