by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I hate when the house “breaks.” I know we’re fixing it up, and sometimes we demo or “break” things intentionally so we can put them back together in a better way. But the unexpected “breaks” (like when the ceiling caved in or our pipes froze) are just not my cup of tea.

Yesterday our neighbor knocked on our door, saying we needed to check out our main water line – the meter box at the street. Water was pouring out of it. It’s on the front of our house, and we come and go on the side (where our garage is), so we hadn’t even noticed. I’m so thankful for good neighbors.

Long story short – there’s a break in the main water line, but thankfully it’s in the meter box. But to make matters worse, our on/off valve isn’t working properly. So we couldn’t even turn off the water to keep it from running into the street (literally, money down the drain). We called our MUD last night, and the on-call system pretty much failed. So we didn’t get anyone to look at it until first thing this morning.

Supposedly, someone from the MUD is coming to fix it today. We’ll see how that follow-through works out for us. I’m doing plumber research on Angie’s List…just in case. Oh, the joys of homeownership!

UPDATE: We have water again! Just needed a new shutoff valve (which was done by the MUD free of charge) and had a plumber repair the main waterline into the house. Thankfully, the break was inside the meter box and easy to access.


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