Buh-bye Burnt Orange!

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I’m sure you guys are sick to death of our half bath renovation by now. Especially since it’s been draaaaging on since this time last year! (I can’t believe it – where has the year gone?!) Since our little powder room is fully functional these days (we’re just lacking a light, a mirror and a handful of accessories) and my work load is finally letting up a bit, I’ve decided to tackle our final burnt orange room!

The laundry room has been making me crazy since, well, the week we moved in. It’s actually more of a mudroom since it’s our only path to the backdoor/garage. And since we have a corner lot with the driveway/garage on the side, all of our friends and family walk right through it.

But function really isn’t on my list to tackle right now. Rather than jump into this room and attempt to do a complete overhaul (like we did in the bathroom), I’ve decided I’m going to take it on one little project at a time. I’m hoping for small victories to give me an ongoing sense of accomplishment. We’ll see how it goes…

So my first project was to freshen this room up with a coat (or three) of paint. Rather than labor over the “perfect” paint color, I went with my throw-down decorating method…choosing a color we already had in “stock” over here. Turns out, we had 3/4 gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl leftover from painting our bedroom. Works for me!

(Side note: This is a much more accurate representation of our laundry room. Clothes, tools and dog accessories everywhere. Just figured I’d keep it real for you guys! :))

After painting a couple test swatches, I realized that primer was a must. Especially if I wanted to use my “free” paint.  So I got to work…

And here’s a shot tonight with a couple coats of Gray Owl paint. You might notice that I got started on the ceiling as well (it’s a different color – Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White – which is so much fresher than the beigey color up there now). I’ve determined that it’s easier to paint the ceiling first (and get paint onto the walls), then cut in the edge with the wall color. I have much more control of my brush on a horizontal, smooth surface!

And did you notice the cabinet pulls? The previous owners must have LOVED that burnt orange color because when they painted the walls, they painted the pulls too. Crazy.

Now that the walls are painted, Ethan and I can’t get over how terrible the trim and doors look. Guess what my next project is going to be!


3 Responses to “Buh-bye Burnt Orange!”

  1. Can’t wait to see it!


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