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December 29, 2011

An Unexpected Find

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Each year, Ethan and I split the holidays between our families – each side either gets Thanksgiving or Christmas, then we flip it for the next year. Surprisingly, we’re on our fifth year with this system (I wasn’t sure how long it would last), but one day our little brothers will get married/have families and we’ll have kids. At that point, I’m sure our little arrangement will go out the window, but for now, we’re all quite happy with it!

Anyway, this year was Shinogle Christmas so we made our way to Dallas/Ft. Worth to spend time with Ethan’s parents. I can’t tell you how nice it was to get away – especially considering the current state of our laundry room! We didn’t watch TV or pick up a paint brush for five whole days! Just relaxing, catching up, lots of eating, and a night at the Meyerson to hear Canadian Brass.

If you ever get a chance to see them, I’d highly recommend it. Not only are they amazing musicians, but their shows are funny. Have you ever seen a tuba player perform while lying down on a stage? If not, you really must. It’s hilarious. But I digress…

The one thing I didn’t really expect to do on our DFW trip was furniture shopping. But leave it to us to find something we need 300 miles from home. The last couple of times we’d been in town, Ethan and I stopped in Weir’s Furniture and have been quite impressed. They have good looking, quality pieces at amazing prices (which is a big deal if you know how particular I am about furniture). Just a great Christian company, doing business the right way. And this trip didn’t disappoint, because we found something we just couldn’t leave behind.

{Futura Furniture leather recliner via Baer’s Furniture}

Ethan has been on the lookout for leather club chairs for a couple of years now. He was absolutely nuts about Restoration Hardware’s Buster Chair (now discontinued), but they were a little too proud of it (around $2400 – each!)

{via in the tweeds}

And I’d recently come across these beauties when browsing a house tour on Little Green Notebook.

{via Pinterest}

So these chairs at Weir’s were the perfect mix. Great lines, nailhead detailing, and actual leather that will wear beautifully. Plus they recline. And they were only $600 a pop. Only one problem…we’re 300 miles from home in a Honda Accord. Enter my generous in-laws and their truck to save the day!

The pickup process was super easy. We drove across town to Weir’s warehouse and had the opportunity to inspect the pieces before they were packaged back up and loaded into the truck. (Seriously, I loved this company!) And Abby’s ride home was a little snug, but she didn’t seem to mind.

We got the chairs home and assembled, but since the Christmas tree was in the way (and I still had no idea how we would arrange the living room furniture), we popped them in front of the TV and watched a movie. I felt like Joey and Chandler from Friends in their Barcaloungers (which is a real company btw…who knew).

They’re super comfy and we couldn’t be happier. As soon as I can get the living room looking presentable again, I’ll fill you in on our adventures in furniture arranging!

December 15, 2011

Buh-bye Burnt Orange!

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I’m sure you guys are sick to death of our half bath renovation by now. Especially since it’s been draaaaging on since this time last year! (I can’t believe it – where has the year gone?!) Since our little powder room is fully functional these days (we’re just lacking a light, a mirror and a handful of accessories) and my work load is finally letting up a bit, I’ve decided to tackle our final burnt orange room!

The laundry room has been making me crazy since, well, the week we moved in. It’s actually more of a mudroom since it’s our only path to the backdoor/garage. And since we have a corner lot with the driveway/garage on the side, all of our friends and family walk right through it.

But function really isn’t on my list to tackle right now. Rather than jump into this room and attempt to do a complete overhaul (like we did in the bathroom), I’ve decided I’m going to take it on one little project at a time. I’m hoping for small victories to give me an ongoing sense of accomplishment. We’ll see how it goes…

So my first project was to freshen this room up with a coat (or three) of paint. Rather than labor over the “perfect” paint color, I went with my throw-down decorating method…choosing a color we already had in “stock” over here. Turns out, we had 3/4 gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl leftover from painting our bedroom. Works for me!

(Side note: This is a much more accurate representation of our laundry room. Clothes, tools and dog accessories everywhere. Just figured I’d keep it real for you guys! :))

After painting a couple test swatches, I realized that primer was a must. Especially if I wanted to use my “free” paint.  So I got to work…

And here’s a shot tonight with a couple coats of Gray Owl paint. You might notice that I got started on the ceiling as well (it’s a different color – Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White – which is so much fresher than the beigey color up there now). I’ve determined that it’s easier to paint the ceiling first (and get paint onto the walls), then cut in the edge with the wall color. I have much more control of my brush on a horizontal, smooth surface!

And did you notice the cabinet pulls? The previous owners must have LOVED that burnt orange color because when they painted the walls, they painted the pulls too. Crazy.

Now that the walls are painted, Ethan and I can’t get over how terrible the trim and doors look. Guess what my next project is going to be!

December 3, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Table

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I know we’re all moving on to Christmas (there’s a tree in my living room and we’re attending our first Christmas party tonight!), but since Thanksgiving was barely a week ago, I think it’s okay to revisit our festivities, don’t you?

This year was full of firsts. Ethan and I hosted, which was definitely a new experience compared to showing up at mom and dad’s place, but we really enjoyed it! We just loved having a house full of people (and confirmed that we need more/better seating in our living room). Ethan was obsessed with menu-planning, but my mission was to do something nice with the table/dining room. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I rummaged through moving boxes of china (yes, we’re still in boxes over here) and grabbed a few extra items to make it a little more “festive.” Nothing too over the top, but I was pretty happy with my $30ish table.

Since there were 7 of us (Ethan, myself, both sets of parents, and my brother Ryan) we had to break out the second leaf for our table, which has never ever been used.  And I think this was the debut meal for our nice china as well – exciting stuff!

I’m not big on holiday decorating, but wanted something fall-esque for the occasion. After doing a little pinning on Thanksgiving tables and running across this spread in a local magazine, I decided burlap was a must. It was just a few bucks a yard at a local fabric store and I kept it folded in half to serve as a runner. I figured I might use it to cover the entire table at a later date, so I didn’t do any trimming to my 3 yard length. (And don’t you just love my short white table cloth? My oddly sized 42″ wide table is a little difficult to dress!) I also grabbed a couple of “pie pumpkins” at the grocery store for a few dollars a piece.

A couple years ago, I inherited some china from my grandmother when she was downsizing. It was an odd mix of patterns and quantities, but I love the idea that I can mix and match as needed. One little treasure was a handful (7 to be exact) of beaded glass dessert plates. I’d completely forgotten what they looked like until I pulled them out of the boxes, but I just love the texture they add.

On the same day that I “re-discovered” these, I was in town and popped into The Guild Shop to take a quick look around (you never know what you’ll find in that place!) I rarely walk through the china section, but for some reason I made a quick pass through and was stunned when I saw a stack of the exact same beaded glass plates! They were selling the set of 5 for a whopping $6 – SOLD! And while standing in line, I saw Martha Stewart (yes, THE Martha Stewart) doing a little thrifting of her own. Kind of a strangely eventful day!

For our centerpiece, I thought the “wildflowers” (I got them from HEB, but they look a little wild and unruly) and whole nuts were kind of fun. I’m not sure who thought of the nut idea – me or Ethan – but they were a nice touch. And in case you’re wondering, there’s a glass inside the vase full of water for the flowers. The nuts are just a thin layer between the glass and the vase.

So there’s our Thanksgiving table and my eventful trip to The Guild Shop. Of course my first celebrity siting isn’t anyone super cool – it’s Martha Stewart. Then again, I don’t do super cool things like hang out in popular bars/clubs/restaurants. I spend my free time thrifting in River Oaks. Guess Martha was right up my alley! :)
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