Weekend Bathroom Projects – Instagram Style

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Big news – our half bath is FINALLY up and running! It’s not completely done, but installing the toilet and sink make it feel pretty darn close. This one has been a long time coming!

Our last big project in the half bath was the trim. I didn’t really blog about that process, mainly because installation almost killed us (and revisiting it did not sound like fun). New base boards + quarter round and crown moulding shouldn’t have been that hard in a 3′ x 6′ room, but woodworking is no walk in the park. And now we know for the next room we decide to tackle.

This weekend’s projects included some touch-up painting, along with plumbing and electrical. We (aka Ethan) leaned heavily on our go-to DIY resource book – The Reader’s Digest New Do-It-Yourself Manual. And by “new,” they mean “published in 1991.”

He did some serious online research, consulted a plumbing guy at Lowe’s and made a couple of phone calls to his dad for reassurance. Abby helped too.

It took two full days of work and (only) four trips to Lowes, but we’re back in business! Installing the pedestal sink isn’t exactly a “starter” plumbing project, and I’m super proud of the hubs for making it happen (seriously, all I did was follow his directions and provide an extra set of hands). I’ll take nicer photos one day, but iPhone photos will have to suffice for this evening.

I’m super excited. And really inspired to finish out the small details on this room so we can get started on the next one! :)


One Comment to “Weekend Bathroom Projects – Instagram Style”

  1. Yeah! Test it out good so I know it’s working before Thanksgiving! :) Can’t wait to see it.!

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