The Forgotten Room

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Hi there. I know most of you (if there’s anyone still reading this) think I’ve completely forgotten about this little blog. Well I haven’t. Life has just been incredibly busy and blogging/renovating have fallen pretty low on the priority list. But since we have a long weekend ahead of us, with absolutely nothing on our schedules, Ethan and I thought a little DIY work might be a good idea!

Remember this room?

{oh yes, we do have a half bathroom!}

Well, truth be told, Ethan and I kind of forgot about it. When you have two other bathrooms in your house, and the door is just closed to this one, it pretty much disappears. But last night, we opened it back up and FINALLY sealed the floor after grouting it back in June. (Tip – Marble is super porous…it’s a real good idea to seal it, so you don’t have problems with discoloration down the road).

Here’s our June grouting adventure. Dad helped/instructed since this was our first tile job.

And after some buffing (which took much more elbow grease than I expected), the floor looked like this. It pretty much looks the same now that it’s sealed…just a little shinier.

Well, we’re off to Lowe’s to purchase trim (since we ripped it all out in our gut-job)! Maybe by Monday this room will be operable again…you know, with a sink and a toilet? Fingers crossed!

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