Getting Back into the Swing of Things

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

If you haven’t noticed, Ethan and I have been taking a much-needed break from home improvement projects. Painting just wasn’t high on the list of things I’ve been wanting to do in my spare time. And since this DIY adventure is a marathon, not a sprint, we decided that was a-okay. Then last weekend, we started looking around at all our half-finished projects. Since almost every room is rocking that “under-construction” look, we decided it was time to get moving again. And what better place to start than the half bathroom?

Since the drywall guys FINALLY finished their work (it only took 4 separate visits), I was able to prime the walls & ceiling. Then I slapped a fresh coat of paint on each – Benjamin Moore Decorator White on the ceiling and Sherwin Williams Light French Gray on the walls. (There’s nothing like a self-inflicted deadline to make this indecisive designer finally choose a shade of grey.) After painting, our next step in the half bath was tile. One day for laying it with thinset mortar, and another day to grout (the thinset has to dry completely before you can grout). When I got home this evening, the tile crew was hard at work. And they were a rather mouthy bunch…

“I will never lay tile in this house again unless it’s 24″ or bigger. These little tiles are a pain!”

“You should be hog-tied, hanged, drawn, quartered and burned at the stake.”

Did I mention the “crew” consisted of my dad & Ethan? One teaching the other to tile. I’ll let you guess which comment is from which guy. Gotta love ’em.

So here’s where the bathroom stands now.

Isn’t it looking great? I’m so excited to get it finished out this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a little more painting!

3 Comments to “Getting Back into the Swing of Things”

  1. If you had gone any smaller with tile, you might as well just have sprayed the floor with super glue and sprinkled marble dust on it! (Everyone, I suggested the hog tying).

  2. but it does look good!

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