Dirty House? Clean It Up!

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Summer is officially here. And the heat is downright oppressive. Temperatures actually reached 105 in Houston this week (can you believe it?) So what home improvement project did we decide to tackle? An outside one of course!

Ethan’s work week has been a very atypical one, and he’s had a few very useful things on loan. First is the biggest truck I’ve ever seen. Crew cab, extended bed, rubber floors…just riding in this thing made me feel like a real Texan. And it made me want to start a contracting business (you need the truck first, right?) Plus it made us feel like big dogs on the road. Would you believe this truck sits high enough to almost be eye-level with big rig drivers? Ca-razy. Ethan had to return the beloved loaner today, so we’re still mourning the loss. I think we need one for ourselves….don’t you?

Big truck aside, the most important piece equipment on loan this week was an industrial-strength power washer (insert Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor grunt here).

{in case you’re real perceptive, this is our neighbor’s driveway…and house}

We’ve really needed to clean the brick, and some places were definitely dirtier than others. For example, our chimney. We’ve yet to use the fireplace since we’ve moved in, for fear of burning the entire place down. So this is all previous owner muck, and I’m very happy to see it go!

In addition to the brick, Ethan discovered that our pathetic looking fence was power-washable too! (Is that even a word? If not, I’m claiming it to be one as of right now.)

I’m not gonna lie. This probably isn’t the best solution for a 25ish year old fence – the power-washer beat it up pretty badly (not that it was a jewel to begin with). But for the time being, a clean beat-up fence is much nicer than a dirty, mildewy beat-up fence.

Oh…our poor house. But it’s starting to look much better than the day we bought it!

So the power-washing is done – another thing we can mark off that master list! I’ll claim this a successful week in our world of home renovation!

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