Grand Plans

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

The other day a friend asked if we had a list of projects for the house. And the answer? Of course there’s a list! I’m a planner, a carefully-calculated decision maker, and above all, a listmaker. But I’m not just any listmaker. I’m the list-making daughter of a list-making mother. (Did you follow that?) I’ve actually been known to put an already-completed task on a list, just so I can scratch it out. Yeah, I’m one of those people.

Since we’ve been in the house nearly a year (can you believe it?) AND I keep losing the notepad our list is written on, the blog seems like the perfect place to document it. Just don’t hold me to anything. It’s an ever-changing collection of projects and I reserve the right to change my mind.

{Finch & Hawk Paper Goods via Hello!Self}

Before we moved in, I promised Ethan that I wouldn’t get all designer-y on this place. Just because I had an amazing idea, or saw something cool in a magazine, didn’t mean I had to use it on my own home. Not to mention we could spend an absolute fortune and never see a return on the invested time, money & hard work. So we decided to look at things very logically. If we were flipping this house, what are the bear-minimum upgrades we would make? So here it is…

1. Make the master bedroom livable.

  • Repair ceiling {check!}
  • Paint walls, ceiling, & trim {check!}
  • Reconfigure air vents  {check!}
  • Install new downlights  {and check!}

Sleeping in the master bedroom was Priority Numero Uno when we moved in, so relatively speaking, we knocked this room out pretty fast. Plus we were on that “I just bought my first house & can’t wait to do something to it” adrenaline high. From there, well…we strayed. You might note that this was our intended order of accomplishment…

2. Lose the awful paint colors (check them out here)

  • Paint upstairs walls & ceiling  {check!}
  • Paint dining room & entry…walls, wainscot/trim, ceiling {it’s a work in progress…}
  • Paint kitchen (just the walls & ceiling) & mudroom {not even close}
  • Half bath renovation/upgrades {we’re working on it}
  • Paint upstairs trim & doors {we’re in the middle of that too}
  • Replace carpet {haven’t even thought about it…we’re still painting!}

And somewhere in there, we were supposed to repair/rebuild our back fence. That was before we got a dog. It still (desperately) needs to be done, but I think Abby has become rather fond of her personal peep-hole. This is where she keeps tabs on the neighborhood kids.

3. Tackle the exterior (This was planned for the cooler months – as in last Fall/Winter. So until next year…)

  • Exterior wood repair (siding, sills, garage)
  • Paint exterior
  • Treat roof & replace flashing {check? we replaced the roof after some hail damage last August}
  • Powerwash brick {in progress…stay tuned!}
  • Garage shelving

4. Start working on BIG renovations!

  • Master bath overhaul (essentially, it needs to be gutted…fun, fun)
  • Upstairs bathroom renovation
  • Living area & kitchen decisions (to paint or not to paint the paneling, replace floors, etc.)
  • Full kitchen renovation (counters, backsplash, paint cabinets, new appliances, etc.)

So there you have it – a list. We fully intended to be working on the master bath by now, but it’s all about the journey, right? If we could only finish the painting projects!

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  1. GREAT pic of Abby!!!


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