Stylish Inspiration

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

The other day I was perusing Style Me Pretty’s website for a little creative inspiration, when I ran across this post. I’m well past my days of wedding planning, but SMP always has such beautiful images! And this one that stopped me in my tracks.

Not the stylish dress (although I love it…can I get married again? same guy. different dress), but that beautiful home! More specifically, that amazing green artwork.

Sometimes I have to stop myself when pulling inspiration photos from the web and magazines. Every now and again, I’m not so attracted to the interior design, but to the composition of the actual photo. Crazy, but true. And this might just be one of those instances. But I can’t stop thinking about this killer green artwork – what a statement piece!

{textural art…also a great backdrop for portraits}

I’m starting to think this could definitely be a DIY art project (although I’m sure this artist would absolutely DIE if he/she ever read this blog). But seriously…a canvas, a brush & a whole lot of paint? It could definitely be done. Maybe not at this large scale (because a canvas that size would surely cost a small fortune), but maybe an 8×8 square canvas? In a set of 3…with three different bright & beautiful colors. Possibly in a kids’ space….say a bathroom? Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this for a few days?

So what do you think? Could it be done? More importantly, would you give it a whirl? And if green’s not your thing, what colors would you choose? I just love the texture – surely I’m not the only one drooling on my keyboard!

All photos by Marianne Wilson Photography via Style Me Pretty.

4 Comments to “Stylish Inspiration”

  1. I could mow the lawn and we could glue the clippings to the wall. Also, I’ve reached my limit on weddings where I am the groom.

  2. OMG…your husband sounds like mine! I like the textural art, but not so sure how it’d look by itself. I think what “makes” it is the contrast of colors and textures with the wedding gown.

  3. LOVE THIS!! Good thing I am deep into wedding planning right now!!

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