by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Our very first strawberry was ripe for the pickin’ and the dang squirrels stole it!

{a quick iPhone pic before heading to work}

I should’ve snagged it when I had the chance, but I seriously thought it would get bigger. I guess those strawberries at our local HEB are eating their Wheaties! But not to worry, it looks like a couple more will soon be making their debut.

All in all, the garden hasn’t been looking so hot lately. Or maybe it’s just been looking extremely hot…possibly parched? I’ve been watering away, hoping it will make a difference, but so far…nothing too exciting to report. Our poor poblano pepper is hanging on for dear life.

{poblano pepper}

This weekend, my neighbor was over checking out our lack of harvest, and mentioned that we should fertilize. Her cherry tomato plant is yielding a serious crop. Ours is sending out fruit slowly but surely…but they’re still green as can be.

{sweet 100 tomatoes}

{more sweet 100’s}

My neighbor said our plants needed an extra kick of protein to push them over the edge. I don’t know if she’s right or wrong, but I sure was willing to try! Maybe it was a coincidence, but guess what popped up the next day!


Our okra’s not looking to shabby either!


Now if only the big tomatoes would start ripening up. These are the Cherokee Purple ones, so they should be way ahead of the others (we bought this plant, rather than starting from seed).

{cherokee purple tomatoes}

Oh, and the squirrels. Does anybody have a tip for keeping them away? I heard one for deterring birds…but it looks like I’m decorating for Christmas.

The theory is this: birds go after tomatoes looking for water. If you hang a red ornament, they’ll stop there first, won’t find any water, and will stay away from the tomatoes. I’ll let you know how that one works out for us!

2 Comments to “Squirrels”

  1. I suggest a pellet rifle.

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