On The Bright Side

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

The drywall work is not done. But I’ve decided to not let it get to me. Our house is a mess & will be a mess for many more months (dare I say years!?) It’s just the way renovations go & I can either fight it or embrace it. I’ve decided to go with the latter.

Our drywall crew was supposed to work for two days last week, and they did work one incredibly long day (9am to 8pm). But they rushed….and it shows. They missed a tiny furr-down wall in the half bath (it needed texture) and did a sloppy job in the corners of the walls/ceiling. So they’re due back in the next couple of weeks to correct their sloppiness. It kind of makes me wonder if we should have just done it ourselves!

Since the bathroom is on hold (and Ethan & I have DIY ADD), we decided to tackle another little project. Check it out!

This is beyond exciting. Want to know why? Of course you do! Because this is what our poor little foyer looked like almost a year ago.

While the drywall crew was here texturing the half bath & patching up that “ceiling on the floor” situation, we had them float the wainscot in our entryway and dining room. They still need to touch things up, but we decided to hit it with a coat of primer…just so we could get excited about it almost being done. It’s amazing how paint (and a whole lot of scrubbing) really brightens up the place!

Here’s what the wainscot looked like before our crew floated it. Well, this is the dining room. But you get the idea. Please tell me why you would want a wainscot with this kind of heavy texture? It’s practically the same as the ceiling!

I wanted it to look like wood…to be more of an architectural element than mere moulding slapped up on a poorly textured wall. And so far, my plan of a smoother drywall surface + white semi-gloss paint looks like it will do the trick. Here’s a shot of our entry wainscot after the initial floating job + 1 coat of oil-based primer. I can’t wait to get it finished!

Of course, a ton of things still need to be address in this tiny space (lighting & artwork are on the short list). And the wall color may change down the road (it’s Benjamin Moore’s Celery Salt, leftover from painting an upstairs bedroom). But for today, I’m just going to look at this picture and smile – progress makes me happy!!

One Comment to “On The Bright Side”

  1. The blue painter’s tape adds a nice touch. :)

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