There’s Fungus Among Us

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Hey friends! I know you’ve been dying for a garden update, so here it is! Things are going growing well, but we have a little problem. No, not a serious problem. More like a mushrooms-are taking-over-the-garden kinda problem. Look at them all – it’s like someone planted mushroom seeds!!

Now I’m an amateur gardener, so somebody tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they’re really hurting anything. Just an unsightly nuisance, right? I could water less, but with this heat and our record-breaking drought, surely the plants (the ones we actually want to grow) would turn into crispy critters. So I think I’ll continue my aggressive watering schedule and pluck out the mushrooms when I have nothing better to do (or want to avoid more strenuous projects).

In more exciting news, some of our fruits & veggies are blooming…




…something edible showed up a week or two ago…

{poblano pepper}

…and I have the cutest dog on the face of the planet (but you already knew that).

2 Comments to “There’s Fungus Among Us”

  1. Shrums are from spores in mulch, no worries, let them die….makes good fertilizer.

    and Abby is pretty dang cute!

  2. Those mushrooms prove that you have very enriched soil!

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