Make Way For Ugly

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Before unleashing the photos, let me just apologize for ugliness you’re about to witness. There’s nothing pretty about bathroom demo (or construction for that matter). But sometimes you just gotta rip it all out & start over. And that’s where we began on Saturday – our big demo day for the half bath. We started with this…

And ended up with this…

Let’s face it. Sometimes (probably most of the time), it has to get worse before it gets better. Pretty ugly, huh? No complaining – you were warned.

Ethan’s parents were in town from Dallas last weekend, so we took advantage of some extra hands & expertise. We certainly know how to welcome guests, don’t we? So here’s warning numero dos: If you grace the threshold of our home, we reserve the right to put a tool in your hand and request your assistance. I’ll try to hold back if you’re not family, but no promises.

Anyway…back to the bathroom. I won’t go into all the details (because to be honest, I didn’t help very much!), but disconnecting the plumbing was the hardest part. Ethan did great job. I decided to take the role of “official event photographer” (aka, I did not help at all).

After a trip to Lowe’s (because it wouldn’t be a real DIY project if we didn’t go at least once) and some tweaking with the main water supply, it went pretty quickly. Ethan & his dad ripped out the sink cabinet, toilet, baseboards and tile without much trouble. Except for some really sad eyes from the Abby dog who was banished to the backyard during the process (yes, we’re terrible people).

The toilet has been temporarily relocated to the garage, where it now lives with the new pedestal sink (details coming soon). I feel like a redneck plumbing showroom. Oh wait, redneck would be if I planted flowers in them & proudly displayed them in our front yard. Come to think of it, I may have some relatives sporting that look over in Alabama (kidding!)

So after last weekend’s work, we’re about 95% done with bathroom demo. The real hard part is ahead of us…busting up the remaining mortar from the concrete slab so we can lay new tile. Since I’m going with tiny mosaic tiles (which I ordered today – yeah!), we need to start with a fairly smooth surface. So Ethan’s parents let us borrow their fancy tile-chipper tool, and so far, it’s doing the trick.

I haven’t a clue what its technical name is, but basically you smack/scrape/pound the mortar until it breaks into teeny tiny pieces. It’s about as fun as it sounds. And after an hour or so of work, you have this terrible ringing sound in your ears (this, I actually know from experience – I worked hard last night). But thankfully, the room is not that big and about a third of it didn’t have tile/mortar in the first place.

So if you need me this week, I’ll be hanging out in the ugly room, taking out all my frustration on some mortar that just doesn’t want to go away. I’m looking forward to installation!

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