Four Yellow Doors

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

If you missed Monday’s post, my parents came over on Saturday to help us out with some of this DIY business. They’re experts…they renovated the 1940’s ranch I grew up in from top to bottom. The real estate listing deemed it a “tarnished jewel” and they had an 8 month old baby (me). But that’s another post for another day.

While my dad & Ethan were downstairs handling the half bath situation, my mom convinced me that it was time to deal with my ugly yellow doors. Here’s a look at the guest bedroom, last week before I painted the trim. I’d already coated the walls with Benjamin Moore’s November Rain (it’s a muted grey-green color…neutral with just the slightest bit of color). I have absolutely no plan for this room (since we have no furniture for it) so I just picked a paint color I loved! But next to the yellowing trim & doors, it wasn’t looking so hot. Don’t you agree?

{guest bedroom – before}

If you look to the far left side of the photo, that’s a closet door in the gameroom. We painted that room (walls, ceiling, trim) back in December, but I was a little hesitant to get busy on the doors. I was afraid if we didn’t have them professionally sprayed, they would look DIYed – and that’s no good.

Well Dad, the expert painter gave me the last little push I needed. He suggested thinning out the paint with just the tiniest bit of paint thinner, so any bubbles or imperfections would level out as they dried. And he had some little foam rollers (specifically for painting cabinets & doors) in the car. That was the final straw – I gave into their peer pressure.

Mom & I got working right away. The prep work took the longest…removing the door knobs, puttying holes & removing scotch tape (I’m sure this was a kid’s room at some point) and sanding down the surface (just to scuff it up a bit). Then we wiped down each door with a rag, just slightly dampened with paint thinner, to get rid of all the dust & residual gunk.

It probably took a door & a half to come up with a system, but she brushed, I rolled, and we took turns holding the door steady. That turns into quite the job when all sides are wet! And by the way, did you realize a door has 6 sides? Think about it. We only painted four. I’ll let you wonder which two are still yellow…

Enough thinking – it’s time for the big reveal! I still need to hit them with a second coat but…LOOK HOW PRETTY!

{guest bedroom – after}

I’m beyond excited. White trim makes me happy, but white doors? I’m ecstatic! I keep popping my head in that room to check them out…just because it makes me smile. It’s amazing how white trim makes me fall in love with the wall color all over again (probably because I picked the paints side by side & this is the way I intended it to look – go figure).

Doesn’t it feel like a brand new house?? Four doors down….19 to go!

4 Comments to “Four Yellow Doors”

  1. Its amazing how a little paint can change something so much!

  2. Looks awesome! When do I move in?

  3. LOVE it Mel!! The grayish paint is amazing! I think I might have a room in my house (that I don’t own) painted that same color! :)

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