Where’s My Motivation?

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

It seems Ethan & I have been feeling less than motivated to work on projects lately. While building the garden was fun, it completely distracted us from the interior projects that need to be finished. We’ve been doing our best to refocus efforts, but sometimes the best motivation comes in the form of a third (and fourth!) pair of hands. My mom & dad graciously donated their Saturday to working on our house (thanks again guys), so the four of us spent the day tackling all those neglected projects!

Dad & Ethan got to work on the half bath…a project I absent-mindedly started around Christmastime, without a clear plan. It’s been sitting in limbo ever since. (I always tell people to have a plan before they demo, so this sort of thing won’t happen. It would be great if I’d listen to my own advice.)

So here’s what it looked like in December. (It’s a tiny room, so this is the best angle I could get. See me hanging through the door on the left side of the photo? I’m super talented.)

{bathroom before}

One day shortly after this photo, I thought it would be a good idea to start removing the wallpaper (this room too, is painted over wallpaper…a lovely feature we discovered after moving in). I planned to peel off the wallpaper, slap up a fresh coat of paint, and deal with the rest later. About 30 minutes into the wallpaper-removal process, I realized that was about the worst idea I’d ever had.

Then in February, we had a roof leak that resulted in water pouring through the ceiling (remember this post?) That was the same week the pipes froze.  Since then, we’ve just shut the door in denial…until Saturday.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but basically the guys ripped down the existing sheetrock ceiling and were up to their knees in insulation. They looked pretty cool in pants, long sleeve shirts, goggles & masks, covered in insulation. My dad even tied a long-sleeve t-shirt around his head with only his eye peeking out through the head hole. I wish I’d taken a picture, but I was up to my elbows (literally) in oil-based paint (more on that later).

After demo, they re-insulated & re-sheetrocked, leaving us with a nice looking ceiling in this tiny 3’x6′ room!

But they sure left a mess below!

Sometimes it just has to get worse, before it gets better…just wait until we demo the sink cabinet & floor! Does anyone have a similar disaster lurking in their home?

6 Responses to “Where’s My Motivation?”

  1. A long-sleeve t-shirt around his head with only his eyes peeking out through the head hole…..aka a Red-Neck Burka. Enjoy!

  2. what were you doing with oil based paint? base boards?


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