Living the Dream

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Not to rub it in if you’re reading this at work, but…I love working from home. Especially now that my chair actually fits under my new desk! I actually called Ethan last week to tell him how awesome it was…at home in my shorts & t-shirt, rocking out to my iPod, designing an album, and sitting comfortably at a huge desk!

{Please ignore those awful cords. And the putty on the trim. And anything else ugly you might see.}

Just like the breakfast area, there’s a whole lot that needs to happen in this room (paint the awful yellow trim & replace the carpet…just to name a few). But for now, new furniture is a welcome improvement!

{love the wood top!}

My old home office setup was pretty sad. I was working on a sewing table (with sewing machine still inside) I recently inherited from my grandmother. It now lives in the gameroom, at least until I have a better plan. Check out the door in the background…white trim (new paint) + yellow door (old paint). Real classy. Or a new trend…you pick.

{yes, I am aware of how sad & pathetic this is}

I don’t know how to sew, but I asked my grandmother for her machine in an attempt to learn (first things first). I was completely unaware the machine came with its own piece of furniture. At least it gave me a place to put my computer for the last 9 months (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) Now that the machine is freed up, anyone want to teach me to sew?


5 Responses to “Living the Dream”

  1. LOVE the new desk!! Jealous that you are out of an apartment! I need to be rescued!! :)

  2. Great looking table! it’s actually on sale right now on the foundary. Is the table really 36″ in height? That might be a little high for a dining table huh?

    • Hi Dave,
      I think the dimensions on The Foundary website are a little off…mine is 71″H x 35″W x 30″H. The listing right now reads the same as when I bought it, so I’m pretty sure it’s the same table!

      I’m kind of surprised it’s being sold as a “dining table.” If you look at the ends, there’s no overhang, so end chairs won’t really fit (the legs will hit the metal base). And at 71″ long, I think you’ll only be able to fit two people comfortably on each side (3 if they’re real skinny!!) So I guess if you’re just looking to seat 4, it would be a good fit.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you decide to buy it – looks like there’s only one left! :)


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