Our Day at Marburger

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Ethan and I had a great time in Round Top yesterday! And we couldn’t have asked for better weather – it was such a beautiful day to be outside!

Our plan was to arrive at the Marburger Farm Antique Show first thing, and we wanted to get there a little early to avoid the crowds. So we woke up at the crack of dawn, grabbed breakfast at our favorite neighborhood bagel shop, and hit the road in my dad’s Tahoe (just in case we found something BIG that we couldn’t live without!) We arrived at the gate 45 minutes before they opened & were third in line. Maybe we should’ve slept a little longer?

Once inside the gate, we found dealers scattered throughout the property. Booths were setup inside huge tents, as well as in little buildings original to the farm. Here are a few of the images we (mostly Ethan) snapped throughout the day…

After seeing this photo (above), I think the metal statue on the right would’ve been really cool in our garden. Too bad I didn’t even notice it (Ethan shot this). I think I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff at every turn!

Here are a couple of the old buildings on the farm…chock full of antiques. See anything you can’t live without?

We found Big Boy over at Flashback Funtiques – they had a ton of fun american classics. And for all you Houstonians, they have a shop over on Westheimer…in case Big Boy needs to come home with you.

We also found some interesting antique maps at Prints With A Past and Antique Maps & Works on Paper. We were so enthralled that we failed to snap any pictures (oops!). Ethan’s on the hunt for a U.S. map showing the Republic of Texas, but they’re somewhat limited and a little pricier than we’d like. Maybe once we complete some major renovation projects (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), we’ll be ready to invest in art. Until then, we’ll be saving our pennies & admiring beautiful maps from afar.

Inside the tents, many of the booths had French antiques (love!), but there were an overwhelming number of vendors leaning towards that industrial, Restoration Hardware look. Personally, I’m getting a little worn out that style (despite my recent Restoration Hardware-esque desk purchase). Maybe it’s just that I’ve seen so much of it lately?

Here’s a booth with a nice mix. Check out the chairs at the bottom of the photo. They’re not upholstered – that’s the original straw stuffing!

And here’s French Influence – our favorite booth of the day. It’s owned by Murielle Abeger, a European antique & accessories wholesaler out of Atlanta. I just loved her stuff, and since she was a wholesaler, she had some rock-bottom prices! One of those orange “sold” tags is ours…want to take a guess at what we bought?

I just loved that she covered the walls of her booth with old book pages – they added a nice, subtle texture. Plus it felt like a Parisian flea market.

And I couldn’t get enough of this little piece – the lines, details, hardware. The finish was much too rustic for my taste (which could be fixed) but I didn’t have a good spot/use for it (boo).

Are you dying yet? Okay, okay. We got this table for our breakfast area!

Surprised? I was a little too. But it was just too interesting to pass up. And now that it’s home, I definitely have a plan & a vision for the space. More details on it tomorrow + pics inside the house. Slowly but surely, this place is coming together!

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