Road Trip to Round Top

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

I sure hope this week flies by, because I can’t wait for Friday! Ethan and I are taking the day off and have planned a road trip to Round Top for the Spring Antiques Show!

For most of the time, Round Top is a sleepy little town between Houston & Austin with a population of just under 100. But twice a year, it becomes THE place for antique shopping in Texas. There are over 20 shows happening right now, each with hundreds of dealers (a full listing of the shows is available on the Round Top Chamber of Commerce website). So if you can carve out time for a day trip this week, I’d highly recommend it!

Ethan & I are planning to spend our day at the Marburger Farm show. They’re hosting more than 350 dealers spread out over 43 acres, so I think that will be plenty to keep us busy!

And what’s even more exciting is that I’m registered as a VIB (Very Important Blogger), complete with press badges & free admission. Doesn’t that sound official? Oh, the perks of blogging! Stay tuned for updates & (hopefully) some fun finds!

Image via Marburger Farm website.

One Comment to “Road Trip to Round Top”

  1. Just so it’s official, I am insanely jealous!!! Have fun!

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