A First Look

by Melissa {The Dominion Project}

Every good project has to start somewhere. And this is it for the big ole house we now call home. The day Ethan & I walked in the door (circa April 2010), the house was bank-owned & had been empty for 9 months. Here are a few pics we snapped on our tour.

The Dominion Project - Exterior Before

The Dominion Project - Entry & Dining Before

The Dominion Project - Living Room Before

The Dominion Project - Kitchen & Breakfast Before

So far, so good. LOVE all the woodwork. Once it’s covered in a fresh coat of glossy paint, it will be beautiful! I’m feeling real good about this place. Until…I glance through the doorway of the master bedroom and see THIS!

The Dominion Project - Master Bedroom Before

Oh, yes. That’s exactly what you think it is. A giant, gaping hole in the ceiling (now affectionately known as “the person-sized hole”). I took one look & completely panicked (it was much scarier in person). But my handy husband (along with my even handier dad) assessed the situation & decided it wasn’t a deal-breaker. What are home inspections for anyway?

So on with the tour. Here’s the lovely upstairs.

The Dominion Project - Gameroom Before

The Dominion Project - Bedrooms Before

There are a few more spaces, but that pretty much sums up the high points. Long story short – we made an offer, haggled for what felt like a year, and with the help of our awesome realtor friends – made a pretty sweet deal.

All it needs is paint & lighting. At least that’s what I kept saying – paint & lighting. Paint & lighting…

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